assignment #6

i think that the lyrebird is an amazing bird. i think that the environment around will eventually die out and it probably wont hear many other bird noises. the bird already is around many cities and making the sounds of society.



assignment #4

the looks and outline of normal people have been altered and some would say for the better. there is no such thing as being perfect! trying to be can be harmful and very unhealthy. famous people have now become fashion role models. well they have computers and makeup and many many more things done to them before they get that picture taken. it is imposible to have a perfect home,life,or body.

assignment #3 salem

    I think that i wouldn’t have done anything different about my choice. i want to live so of coarse i would confess. although i might not have lived i would have had a better chance of living. i would have hated to live back then. the witches now are more fictional and cartoony. we have a world of fiction now. many characteristics have changed about them. like what they look like and how they do things but i guess everything is changing everyday.


i only got 7 right the first time i did this. i thought it was kind of hard because if you thought somebody was supposed to be in that spot it would end up being on the other side of the board. but i only used looks so that might be why it was hard for me. i dont think that it really matters but i do think you shouldnt treat anybody any different because of thier race.

How I feel about blogging

I have never blogged before for any reason, but maybe this will be a fun experience. i think that this assignment is a god thing and will help many students and even the teachers.I both look forward and dread this new assignment because I am nit very good with computers and dont know much about them, but I do look forward to it because i will learn something new. Hopefully it will be a good experience.